The Freshest ‘Live Set 1.0’ ft. Kutcorners & Marvel

The Freshest ‘Live Set 1.0’ Feat. Kutcorners & Marvel.

The Freshest are proud to present a brand new series of “Live Sets” exploring the untapped potential of performances between DJs and musicians.

The concept behind this series is to challenge the boundaries of DJing and push the envelope by breaking down the interaction of the performer and the track and rebuilding it from scratch.

In this first set, DJ Marvel and Kutcorners run through a slew of R&B and rap tracks, seamlessly fusing in new sounds and elements, to recreate them in their own vision. Kutcorners supplied the heavy low end with plenty of synth bass and MPC pad abuse. Marvel assumes lead duty taking on keyboard melody lines and cutting up vocals on turntables, while running through tracks with ease and blending them together in key.










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