SC1000 introduction and video demonstration

The SC1000 was originally designed by Rasteri. It’s main purpose was to give turntablist the opportunity to scratch on a platter using digital media (mp3’s, wav, samples, etc). Not to mention it’s light weight/portable and battery powered. He opened sourced the idea which led to other turntablist/engineers to develop their own version of the SC1000. Dich Studios developed the first SC1000 with a digital screen built in with added features like ultra-pitch and track selection. There’s many other features that are possible with this new breed of turntable. Check out the videos below to check out the performance of the SC1000.
Check out Jreign from LostTonePros from Los Angeles,CA do a demo on the new SC1000 designed by Dich Studios
Check out DJ Wordy from Shanghai, China get down on the SC1000
Check out the first motorized (belt driven) SC1000 by the homie John Beez in Los Angeles,CA
Designed by John Beez

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