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24MM Start/Stop Arcade Button

Start/Stop Button Color
Royal Blue
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Black / Clear Rim
Royal Blue / Clear Rim
Red / Clear Rim
White / Clear Rim
Red / Black Rim
Royal Blue / Black Rim
White / Black Rim
Yellow / Black Rim
Pink / Black Rim
Green / Black Rim
Orange / Black Rim
Dark Blue / Black Rim
Light Blue / Black Rim
Dark Grey / Black Rim
Violet / Black Rim
Violet / Clear Rim
Pink / Clear Rim
Light Blue / Clear Rim
Yellow / Clear Rim
Orange / Clear Rim
Dark Blue / Clear Rim
Green / Clear Rim
Dark Grey / Clear Rim

NEW SOLDER-LESS DESIGN!! Soldering no longer required for Numark PT series, Vestax Handytrax and Reloop Spin portable turntables.

Compatible with the Numark PT-01, PT-01 USB, PT-01 Scratch, Vestax Handytrax and Reloop Spin turntables.

  • Start/Stop Arcade button for Numark PT-01, Numark PT-01 USB and Numark PT-01 Scratch series.
  • Start/Stop Arcade button for Vestax Handy Trax and Vestax Handy Trax USB series. 
  • Available in 24mm or 30mm Sizes
  • Choice of Black, Clear, or Solid Color Rim
  • Contents included – Start/stop button + flip flop switch board + wires needed to installation. 

Installation Instructions: The install guide below shows a smaller aluminum button but the install is exactly the same for the arcade start/stop buttons.


DISCLAIMER: Modifications of your portable turntable voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Open Format is not responsible for any damages performed on your turntable during the installation process. Purchase at your own risk.


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