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Battle Breaks Blue Haze | Stokyo 7"

Mad Limited Pressing! in BLUE HAZE

– Classic scratch phrases (Skipless)
– New and remastered scratch phrases
– Bass tones (lock groove)
– Special thanks to DJ $hin

STOKYO Japan designed a special 7″ battle break vinyl in BLUE HAZE for all You 45 heads.
This is the perfect 7″ vinyl for your Handy Trax & Frisk Fader combo!
MADE IN JAPAN on 33 rpm speed
STOKYO Thin Pressed as usual! Get em before they are gone!!!

Tracking List

Side : A
1. Ahh fresh
2. Ahhhahh beep
3. Come on yeah
4. Drum yeah yo
5. Just feel it/to the beat
6. Yo what huh?
7. Bass tone (Locked)

Side : B
1. Ahhhhhh Fresh
2. Freshhhhhhhh ahhh
3. Freshhhhhhhh ah
4. Drums/break
5. Break down yo word
6. Kut the ha its yo
7. Bass tone (Locked)



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