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Just Stay Funky Like Za 7"

Fluorescent Pink
  • “Just Stay Funky Like Za” is a 7″ skipless scratch tool created with portable scratching in mind, repressed in black vinyl.Featuring skip proof loops from “Just Stay Funky Like That” and “Zarecord” portable scratchers have two scratch records in one re-configured to a pitch that works perfectly with portable set-ups.

    Side A – 83.33 BPM @ 33 1/3 RPM – Just Stay Funky Like That

    Side B – 83.33 BPM @ 33 1/3 RPM – Zarecord

    Each side has 6 tracks of samples + bass tone on Side A and skip proof drums on Side B.

    Check this video for a demonstration of the record !

Mp3 version is available for download below


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