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Mixfader Skin

Carbon Fiber

This is an (1) piece kit for the Mixfader (sold in pairs)

  • 2x main face skinz
  • 2x fader skinz

12inchSkinz are the industry standard in custom hardware overlays.

1. ADHESIVE LAYER: Starting with the adhesive side that adheres to the mixer surface, is specially designed with an anti-self sticking, “bubble free”, pressure permanent adhesive. This technology allows for an easy install with 100% surface contact with no trapped air pockets. This allows you to install with no special tools, just your crafty DJ fingers.

2. GLOSS OUTER LAMINATE: Provides protection for the hardware surface and maintains a stylish OEM look.

Technical Details

  • 2 layer skin: Bubble Free pressure permanent adhesive layer with a durable gloss surface laminate
  • Installs directly over the hardware
  • White skinz provide more visibility to faders and knobs in a dimly lit dj booth
  • Once applied, skin may removed once with no leftover sticky residue
  • Skin provides maximum protection and will not fade


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