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Plate X One "Colored"

Plate X One’s now available in Red, Blue and Green

Solid Cutz present the new premium platter – the Plate X One!

Easy platter install for your Numark PT01 Scratch or PT01 USB turntable!

Superseding the original REV1.

The Plate X One is the first two-piece 7 inch platter on the market. It consists of the upper part the Plate and the modular substructure – the X One.

Both parts are made of aluminum and are screwed together. The newly designed X One provides an even more stable scratch feeling.

The Plate X One platter plate can also be easily exchanged with another colour plate!

– Premium platter

– Reduces platter movement

– Torsion resistant free

– Reduces stylus skips

– Easy stock belt drop installation

– Interchangeable platter plate

Plate X One's now available in Red, Blue and Green


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