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The Button Box V4.0

The Button Box V4.0 Instruction Manual 

The Button Box – Turntable Controller. Compatible with all midi capable turntables, and as a standalone midi controller running off USB power. The unit has now been upgraded to V4 and is designed to be housed around a Vestax PDX 3000 and a midi modded PDX 2000. We’ve also heard good news that Dj Backtrack is going to be selling the PDX 2000 mods again so no need to pay crazy prices for a C1, buy the mod and the Button Box for a fraction of the price and you’ve got a turntable that has the same functionality as a C1, and with advanced features – you can contact him here. 

Contents required: USB cable, Midi Wire and PDX3000 or any midi turntable (Numark CDX, PDX2000 w/ Midi Mod) is required in order to complete this setup.


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