30MM Start/Stop Arcade Button

$25 $18.75

NEW SOLDER-LESS DESIGN!! Soldering no longer required for Numark PT series portable turntable.

Compatible with the Numark PT-01, PT-01 USB, and PT-01 Scratch

Vestax Handy Trax version will be coming soon!

Includes the new JDD Power Board – Provides power for multiple devices (Relay Switch and Amp Board) Additional JST wires need to be purchased for adding additional devices. One wire is provided in the kit for the Relay Switch for the Start/Stop Button. JDD Power Board is compatible with the Bihari Amp Board. Only 1 JDD/Bihari Power Board will come with each Bihari Amp Board and JDD Tone Arm purchase if purchased as a bundle with the button.

  • Start/Stop Arcade button for Numark PT-01, Numark PT-01 USB and Numark PT-01 Scratch series.
  • Start/Stop Arcade button for Vestax Handy Trax and Vestax Handy Trax USB series. (Soldering is required!)
  • Available in 24mm or 30mm Sizes
  • Choice of Black, Clear, or Solid Color Rim
  • Contents included – Start/Stop Button + Relay Switch Board + Jesse Dean Designs Power Board + Wires needed to installation.

DISCLAIMER: Modifications of your portable turntable voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Open Format is not responsible for any damages performed on your turntable during the installation process. Purchase at your own risk.



Installation Instructions for the Start/Stop button mod for the Numark PT-01, PT-01 USB and PT-01 Scratch