Active Force Control Mod for Vestax Turntables

$35 $26.25

Active Force Control, is a mod for Vestax turntables with A.S.T.S. arm, except the PRO versions.
The weight marks are not exact, but between the 3rd and 4th marks you will have more or less 3,5gr.
For better calibration use a weighing scale, as you can see in the installation video.

List of compatible Vestax models / modelos Vestax compatibles:
Vestax PDX 2000
Vestax PDX 2000 MKII
Vestax PDX 2300
Vestax PDX 2300 MKII
Vestax PDX 3000
Vestax PDX 3000 MIX
Vestax PDX 3000 MKII
Vestax QFO LE
Vestax QFO LE DX