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Bihari Tone Arm – Numark

With this custom tonearm you can use your Numark PT01 Scratch portable turntable with Shure M44-7 or Ortofon OM cartridge.

    What's in the box?

  • Tonearm for PT01 Scratch
  • Steel counterweight
  • Self-adhesive tonearm clip for rest
  • Double-sided adhesive tape for cable
  • Pair of extra long screws for the Official Shure Headshell weight

JDD Preamp – https://openformat.la/shop/phono-preamp-kit/


Bihari Preamp – https://openformat.la/shop/easy-install-phono-preamp/

Is required in order to use an Shure M447 or Ortofon Needle.

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