Killin’ DJ’s: The Quadrilogy 12″


“If J-Dilla scratched, this is what it would sound like”

Mentioned by 3 x DMC world champion DJ CRAZE about Ruckazoid’s new series, Killin’ DJ’s. Ruckazoid has cemented himself in the DJ scene with his seminal work as a turntablist. He designed the world’s first musical turntable for Vestax he coined the Controller One. He was the first to design DJ tool records utilizing ultra pitch technology, as well as inspiring the development of modern crossfader technology.

Ruckazoid is now back with Killin‘ DJ’s: The Quadrilogy. It’s the first recording of it’s kind. Every single sound is performed live, in one take, scratching each sound to create full compositions. DJ‘s have long imagined a future where the turntable is used as an actual instrument, and this is the album that pulls it off.

Each Killin’ DJ’s release features socially relevant stories narrated by amazing voice over artists, with original artwork from iconic comic book artists.  Killin’ DJ’s is just as much party record as it is educational.  Historic.


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