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This is the 45° mounted version.

The RECK FH45 is a 3D printed housing designed to mount the Mini Innofader and Mini Innofader Plus on the PT01 Scratch. It can also be used for DIY faders. It's designed to be mounted in either horizontal or vertical position while allowing the case to be closed. It can use the original hardware from the PT01 Scratch or the included hardware from the Mini Innofader to mount. To reduce the stem height, use the 4mm standoffs that are included with your Mini Innofader. It can be use with or without the standoffs. But the lid will only close with the standoffs installed. Take into consideration that the wiring of the Mini Innofader should go over the opening on the PT01 Scratch.

It is printed using laser sintered nylon, then dye or painted to the desired color.


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